Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Well just dropping in with well wishes and happy thoughts. I am actually in a happy place for a change. For the past several, several years this time of years was just dread and regret (even me with my no regrets thinking).

But, this year, wow this year I want to feel it all, hear it all, see it all, smell it all and just live the holidays! Starting tomorrow with Thanksgiving.... parades and being with my family mostly. Oh there is food but I'm not completely excited about..... well I guess I am more excited now that K and I made the cranberry salad! It was fun. We don't have a food processor or blender or any electric gadget and my parents weren't home (They still haven't called me, what's up with that?! Am I on the naughty list or something?). So she and I sat with ancient hand choppers and smashed up two bags of cranberries. It was quite funny because I was doing two cups to her one.

Then H asked if I would make breakfast in the morning. Sure why not? Just something simple: scrambled eggs, bacon and toast. I will then make green bean casserole and mashed potatoes (or roasted, I still haven't decided).... and then we head to my parents' house.

I also plan to watch as many and as much of the parades as I can. I'm such a nerd for it!

I'm soooo ready to start decorating for Christmas too! I have already started listening to Christmas Music. Love it! Again, total nerd for it. I have around 190 songs on my computer (a few are duplicates that I need to delete but not many). I bought new lights for outside and a Santa to sit on the fireplace!

And, then as I reflect on my life at this point, I know I am slowly getting me back. I feel so good and I remember feeling like this years ago. I missed me. I'm glad I'm finding me again. I never want to feel that way again. If I am in a relationship again, I want someone that completes me and loves me for me, not who they think I should be and I don't want to change to be that person..... because that is a lonely place to be.

I am thankful and blessed and I just want to share that joy with everyone!!!

Soooo may your blessings be many, your joys be great and your plate be full.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

Your post made me smile...doesn't it feel good to have your life back?

Hugs to you - hope y'all have a wonderful day today!

TxGambit said...

Thanks Builder Mama!!!!

It does feel so good to have my life back.

Hugs to you and hope Monkey Man is doing better these days.