Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm raising good kids!

Gosh it is night's like this that makes me feel like the best mom ever!

So tonight we had H's bday party. He is 12 now.... His bday was actually two weeks ago but we were just able to do his party. It was a bowling party. Way fun cuz we all like bowling.

It was me, my 3 kids, my parents, my bro's 3 kids and one of H's friends. It was a blast. Well when H was opening the gift from his friend, he said, "Well the best gift is that you were able to come."

Awww such a cool kid!

I was telling my mom the day before that H tends to be happy with just about anything. He is so not materialistic at all. He wouldn't have cared if he didn't get gifts but he was sure happy to have a couple too.

I love that kid. He has always been extra special and has always been kind of like my rock. He is steady so earlier this year when he was having a rough time, it really shook me up. That might seem like a lot to put on a kid but I don't tell him these things, but still....

Oh and my other two are really good kids too. But this was just one small proof of that! Hurray!


trappedintime said...

They're all pretty cool.

Margaret said...

You ARE raising good kids!!

THere was no doubt on my mind...

Karen said...

It's little comments like that from your kids that make all the hard work, tears and toil worthwhile.

You really are doing such a great job turning those kids into fantastic adults. Well done you!

Esmerelda said...

WOW! 12....!

I couldn't imagine.

Good job!

belinda/shuttle mom said...

Happy (belated)Birthday H!!!!
His statement about the 'best gift' proves he is being raised right. Congratulations to you both.

Charlene said...

Way to go mom! You're doing an awesome job raising your kids (especially since you doing it basically on your own)!!