Tuesday, April 28, 2009

If I had one wish....

Most people would make a wish for something out there.... A dream vacation, a lot of money, maybe even more wishes. Right? Some people might even wish for something like how they want to find true love, maybe a loved one getting well, something less selfish than the other wishes.

However, me? I wish for something maybe a little out there or hey maybe to other parents it isn't all the crazy. I wish for a clean house. Not just for one day but everyday. I guess really to back up, I just wish my children were as into the idea of having a clean house as I was. Or maybe I would wish for something like me being a better "housewife"... I am so not very domestic, I have other skills instead. :)

However, I really want my house to be clean. I really want to not be embarrassed by it any more. I really want to teach my children the importance of cleaning, being neat and how to clean. I think that is an important skill, don't you? Okay don't answer that.

I wish I could peek into other people's houses so I could just see if I am the only one or not. Some days I can't believe we live here like this. I expect Oprah's production team to show up at my house, saying my name/house was sent in as the dirtiest house in America and wow they are surprising me with a team of cleaning people.... but the catch is my house will be seen by millions! Hmm, yeah I don't even want Goofball to see my house or my parents. I cringe when the doorbell rings because I don't want people to see in!

And it isn't like I don't know HOW to clean, I do. But I will admit, I am a surface cleaner. I know I have talked about this before (but I am too lazy to look back through all the blog entries for just where).... If you can see it in my house, most of the time that is all that is clean. Just don't look behind anything, under, inside my closets are off limits. Okay?

The other thing is that we just have too much stuff for the size of my house. I have too many living things in the house (4 people, 3 pets). The house is around 1000 sq ft. I do have a huge yard which totally makes up for it.... Okay, almost makes up for it. The remodel we did last summer has made a huge difference even though it didn't add a lot more square feet. It used to be just less than 1000, now we are officially over it.

At any rate I just need less stuff in my house or people who are willing to help and even clean up after themselves or the Clean Sweep Team or a team of maids or a magic gene. I am not sure which would be better.

But that is what I wish for.... What about you?


trappedintime said...

intersting, I have to admit accidently looking in the closet

TxGambit said...

Yes, you did darling, but I forgive you. :)

It is a scary place so maybe I should apologize instead.

Sizzle said...

I'll admit it, having a messy house is a fear of mine. Why do you think I continue to live alone, single and childless? The cats make enough mess as it is.


trappedintime said...

is the "closet" a figurative thing? I was being literal.

TxGambit said...

No I was serious. Don't look in my closets because they are jammed packed with far too much crap!!!!

Sizzle, some days I am tempted to send them all to their dad's. But then I know I would miss them so *sigh* I put up with the mess.

And why is that cats are so messy? I think mine have parties while I am gone during the day.

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Cats are messy. No doubt. I was raised by a clean freak (my mom) so I'm predisposed to neatness and tidiness. However - I believe that once you bring pets and/or other people into the mix, it becomes much more difficult. I adore my hubby, but he is, um, not as much of a freak as I am (clutter doesn't bother him). So I guess some sort of medium/balance has to be reached.

That's the extent of my domesticity. I can't cook to save my life *sigh*