Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm leaving on a jet plane....

I am heading to Orlando on Friday for a girls only weekend! The organizer is probably my best friend in the world... or at least one of my top girls! I named K after her.... that is how much she means to me. We were in the Navy together and then got stationed at the same base for our first years. We partied together. We had our babies together and went through a lot of ups and downs. She sees me better than almost anyone.

Then there will be her SIL who I know. And then my friend's BFF from grade school. I feel like I know her and I can't wait to really meet her!

I only have one thing on my mind that is making me almost wish I wasn't going. I will miss Goofball very much. I am just crazy for that boy. We usually see each other 1-2x a week... usually Friday and/or Sunday (sometimes both days, sometimes only one).

I will miss our Friday for sure and not sure about seeing him on Sunday. I hope so!

But ya know, that isn't even all of it. I really wish that we could travel together but at this time in our life's we can't. Some of you know the story but some are coming here for the first time. I haven't shared it on my blog. Just due to privacy, I won't be.

The point is that sometimes I feel ... not guilty but... well like I just miss him more because I wish he was with me and enjoying things with me. That is pretty much it.

I do plan to have a great time. I have new clothes and I got some fun girls to hang with so it is all good.

In other news the kids' dad is coming in to stay with them. At first there was talk about his wife coming too and they would both be staying in my house. I was some what okay with this but like I wrote, my house is not always the cleanest place. Today he told me that just he is coming. Okay then, I am okay with that too and in fact I will feel less nervous about it.

Have a good weekend. I don't think I will write again until I get back...


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a great time. You deserve it!


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Hello my friend! Orlando? Ooo, I am jealous! Have a wonderful time. I know about missing your is nice to share adventures! But it sounds like you will be in excellent company. And I'm glad the ex situation was resolved - yikes, I'd be uneasy too. Hugs to you!

Karen said...

It's about time you had a good time out with the girls. And who cares if the house isn't at its cleanest - he knows where the hoover is!! haha!

Seriously my lovely friend, have a great time. Don't feel bad about goofball not being there - he's not supposed to be with you - this is one for the girls. He'll understand that and I'm sure he'll be willing you to have a great time.


John Paul III said...

Have a good time. I'm planning my own down time this week.

I like following blogs like yours. I have my own. Feel free to follow or leave comments. It's my little therapeutic escape.