Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good parenting day!

I admit it a lot of my problems as a parent come with my style of parenting. I am very open and honest with my kids. I am very hands off in a way because I let them express themselves and tend to be more their friend then mom, though I do remind them often of my role. I am bad with discipline and often don't follow through as well as I should.

Also I worry, as I have mentioned before, that my kids are smarter than me. If one day they realize this, I will be in some serious trouble!

With that said, I do not think I'm a bad mom at all. No not at all. I think this just works for us and while it sometimes causes me some stress, overall, we do good together.

Today, though, was just a banner day for me. I am floating, walking on the clouds.... Why? Because all my children were good today. They listened. They each had a good day at school. They listened to me!!! I didn't have to nag. We had a really, really good evening too.

I just feel really good as a parent right now!


lincldad said...

Good for you!

Watch for the bait and switch.

Jenny said...

Speaking as someone who's seen you interact with your kids I can honestly agree with you.

You are a kick-ass mom. (And friend)

Esmerelda said...

It's days like this that keep me from putting a bullet in my head.

g-man said...

I'm with Es. Revel in your good day and make it last as long as you can. :)