Sunday, November 04, 2007

Christmas Music

Is it too early for Christmas Music? If stores can decorate for Christmas the day after Halloween, I think I can queue up the ole Christmas Music (which, yes, is playing right now at my house!). Burn a CD for the car. Singing in the shower. Drive my children crazy with it all.

Well I don't think its too early. I need the cheering up for one. For two, I like Christmas time. What's that? You are right. I do not like holidays that are over commercialized, very true. And, yes Christmas definitely is but I guess I look past that because of the meaning it has to me.

I have to admit here that I'm not uber Christian but I do believe..... something. I always say I'm more agnostic than anything else but it would just really take toooo long to explain what I believe and I didn't come to it easily. But I'm not going into religious beliefs or how I came to be this way.

Let's just say Christmas means something different to everyone even if you are of the same religious beliefs. My memories and my experiences are much different.

Plus, oh people please keep him in your thoughts, my brother (B) will be HOME FROM IRAQ!!!!! Just about a month more and he will be back at Ft. Hood!!!!! This is why this Christmas is so important. Also my younger brother (J) said he would come home when B comes home. J lives in Colorado with his fam.

This Christmas will also be a little sad. It is the first time I will be actually handing my children over to their father for the holiday. Well actually, I shouldn't sound so down about it, I am actually giving them over the day after Christmas but whatever. It is time I get used to the idea of this though because this is my life now. But hopefully this arrangement will work for everyone. He gets them the second half of the Winter Break.

So really the question and the reason for this post, is it too early for Christmas music?


Karmyn R said...

No - not if you love it!

Margaret said...

it is never too early for christmas music.

trappedintime said...

In a way it may be a little early. Be careful not to get worn out before xmas.

Jenny said...

My friend, it is never too early.