Monday, November 05, 2007

I love to read

I love reading. I love books. I love words. But, ya know the only thing I hate about reading..... when I get to the end.

I just finished up two books this weekend (actually one just 2 minutes ago). I loved them both. Since I could read, I have. Everything I could get my hands on. Funny thing, it used to drive my ex crazy! We would be at home watching a movie, maybe even something I really wanted to see, but yet I would also be sitting there reading a book. I told him I could do both! I was a good multi-tasker.

Anyway, to my dismay, my children never picked up this habit. I used to read to them. I always made sure they had books. Made sure they saw me reading and enjoying my books. And, when I say I am always reading..... I am.

Well lately my children have started reading. I could not be more thrilled!!! In fact, K is going to a book club party thing tomorrow for the book Twilight. H loves the Magic TreeHouse Books! And L is just starting to read, but he is my only one that has always been able to sit forever and look through books.

So while I don't have very exciting interests and hobbies, I do love to read and the best part of reading is that I can be anyone, anywhere and at anytime. It is great! It is like I have a very interesting life, full of adventure without every leaving my house.


Margaret said...

I am the exact same way. Unfortunately i have kinda gotten out of the habit. Need to get right back in it.

trappedintime said...

I do wish I could read more. I just have to move more physicaly when using my brain.
There's one book i have read that I was totally in to. "Flatland". Don't ask why, but I could soooo grasp the concept.
FWIW, when a woman reads it means she's talking less!!! What a dumbass.

d. chedwick bryant said...

I feel the exact way you do. I picked up on reading from my readaholic parents and a sister who loved to play "school" with me when i was a toddler--She had me reading pretty good before I ever hit kindergarten. She started with Dr. Suesse and poetry and fairy tales--I got hooked pretty fast.

the young people in my family find books "boring" But I am blessed with best friends who love to read--yesterday b f f told me that her favorite book of all time was one I gave her 20 years ago saying, "You HAVE to read this!"