Friday, July 07, 2006

Friends with kids

Last night I went over to my friends' house. They have a new baby. This is what gave me the idea for this blog!

Many of my friends have had kids before I met them. But, its the ones you know before kids that I want to talk about. It is different this way.

So backup a little, I met them almost 6 years ago. We all worked for the same company. The cutest couple ever and you could just tell how much they loved each other. Of course they got married, . Then just a few months ago had their first baby. I always thought they would be good parents. But, ya know, it is never how you picture it. They are so cute!!! Of course the baby is just adorable but to watch them, these people that I knew prior to, now with this cute little baby. Wow. It is just amazing. They aren't just good parents, they are great and this little boy is going to be a great kid and person because of them.

Then I have another friend. I have known her since 5th! I credit her with teaching me all the "bad" words. Ha! Anyway, she now has two little boys. I always knew she would have kids and its so neat to hear her talk about them. One has special needs and she has just taken it in stride. I mean, what can you do but just keep on move'on. I admire her strength.

Then there is my ex-boyfriend from HS. He is now married with kids. Its so hard to think of this person that used to sneak out of the house to meet me, now raising two children and actually <> being a grownup! His son is disabled. And, again, this is one family that I just admire because I just can't imagine how they do it. Its just amazing to me the strength and dedication it must take.

And, the last is a friend that I had from the Navy. We were actually pregnant with our first together. We both had girls and we learned to be moms together. I know I learned from her and I hope that she learned some things from me. That was a neat friendship and I still value her today, though the distance between us makes it hard sometimes. I do still think of her as my best friend. She now has four children and the youngest has special needs.

So that's it. I'm just amazed by all my friends. Their strength and caring and love for their children! I hope to learn more about my friends, especially the new parents, as I watch them grow with their children.

Hug your babies!

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