Sunday, July 02, 2006

"Have you talked to the kids?"

In a word... NO. I'm not sure why and even more strange is that I don't feel the need to talk to them. That sounds bad, let me explain! I guess I figure this is a rare chance with their dad and even more rare with his parents and sister. I don't want to distract or disturb them. I think if I call then they will get sad because K already was feeling guilty over leaving me and I had to tell her I would be fine and well I am. The boys might be okay if I called but ya never know what you get with L. He might be okay but then later start crying. He is just 4 so its still okay!

They will be back on Friday so just a few more days and the most important thing I have learned is.... I'M BORING!

I had all these plans and then just haven't felt like doing anything. So in a way, I have done what I wanted. I did have hot wings one night. I can't always do that with the kids because K is the only one that actually eats them, the boys will want something else so I end up spending way too much. $12 and I had enough for two meals.

Also I cleaned. Still have some things to do but it is cleaner than normal! I think it actually smells clean! Big bonus.

No new plans for excitement. Heck I don't even think I'm going to do anything on the 4th and I get Friday off too! Have I mentioned I LOVE my new job!? No? I LOVE IT!

So to answer the world. No I haven't talked to my kids. I do not plan to call them and yes I'm okay with that!

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