Sunday, July 02, 2006

My Brothers

I don't know if my brothers were always so important to me. I like to think so and actually I do remember that they were, but for some reason as an adult I really value them more.

In Sept 92, I left for the Navy. I was 19, bro #1 was 17, bro #2 was 15.

In Dec 93, I got married. Bro #1 got married in May. Bro #2 was just in HS and was shocked by us all.... okay maybe not but he didn't get married!

In Jan 1999/Dec 1998 timeframe, Bro #1 and Now-ex-SIL cut off contact with our family. And, yes that is exactly what it sounds like. They moved and did not tell anyone in our family where. They asked that nobody contact them, call or anything. (They had just had their 3rd child)

It wasn't until 5-6 yrs later that he would come back in the "family circle".

In the meantime, I'm still in the Navy from 1992-2000. My parents move from H-town to Colorado, in 1996. In 1998/9, they decided to move back here! (Right before the contact was cut off, I think?!). Bro #2 meets and falls in love with his wife! (She is awesome).

In 2000, we move back after I get out of the Navy. I move back and my brothers aren't around. It was weird. Bro #2 visits and we talk on the phone but gosh it isn't the same. He has changed so much and has turned out to be this great guy! Everyone should have someone in their lives like him. He is a great husband and a great father.

So in Aug 2003, we move to North Dakota... Yuck. Live there until July 2005 and the kids and I move back. By this time, Bro #1 is in the Army and the kids are spending a lot of time getting to know my parents and family which is soooo GREAT! My bro changed so much, for the good, now that he is in the Army and actually being divorced has helped a lot too, I'm sure. Ya know when two people aren't just made to be together. She is happier and he is happier and at the end of the day, that's what matters.

This last year has been so great. Christmas 2005 was the first time both my brothers and I have been together in YEARS! I don't even know, maybe Christmas 1992 when I was fresh out of boot camp, or maybe it was 1993 but whatever, it was a long time. Then today I will get to see Bro #1 for the first time in maybe 14 yrs for his birthday. Yes today is his 31st b-day. Hence the reason I felt the need to write about my brothers.

I really value them and they are both great people. I'm so proud of how they have turned out. It took Bro #1 going in the Army but ya know, I had to join the Navy to grow up and I feel I still have some work to do.... how boring would it be if we were all done growing up.... ah, I feel a new blog topic coming on!

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