Thursday, July 13, 2006

Writing my Obituary

That probably sounds a bit morbid but stick with me to see what I mean…

Today I read a very nice obituary. Someone at work lost her mother recently. I was asked to order flowers for the service. I was given a copy of the obituary as a reference for the service information.

She sounded like such a wonderful and interesting person. One line from the obituary said, “Now don’t you wish you would have met her?” and I was thinking yes, yes I do wish I would have met her. And, that is the point of “writing my obituary.”

I actually have thought about this quite a bit lately because I feel like the last several years I have not been living my life but letting life direct how I live. I don’t have a true hobby or many friends that I just hang out with or a list of fun things that I do with my kids. I neglect to call my own grandmothers and never call my brothers first. I don’t talk much to my aunts, especially those I’m close too. My friends probably think I’m the worst because I can never just hang out and rarely call them. And basically if I can't do it online (like email) I don't.

I want all those things. I want to have BBQs at my house with several close friends and their children running around or babies being passed around and admired. I want to have a weekly game night with the kids, special picnics at the park or whatever else that they will remember when they are my age.

I want to do something spectacular that years from now people will remember me. I have big dreams and big ideas. These alone could put me on the map to being remembered and would lead to a great obituary!

There are so many things on my list; from writing a book to getting back in shape to traveling to opening my own business to just enjoying the little things to making get memories with my children to scrap booking all my pictures.

So what is stopping me? School, work, kids, house stuff, money, my own lack of motivation and my lack of time management skills which I used to say I was good at but for some reason nothing works anymore!

There is a song that Tim McGraw performs called “Live like you were dying”. This is kind what I’m talking about. The story of the song is a guy finds out he has cancer and is having a conversation with someone who asks what he did when he found out…. The guy says “I went skydiving; I went rocky mountain climbing…..” And on and on a list of things he did.

Live each day like it was your last, make it full, make it memorable. Stop and smell the roses and share that with someone you love (No this is not a line from the song but my own thoughts).

I want to set a goal for myself, right now, that I will start writing my obituary… live like I was dying…. leave a legacy. So that one day someone will read about me, my actual obituary, and say “I wish I would have met her.”

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