Friday, September 01, 2006

Today was the day

So today was it: Court Date for the divorce. It will be official to the State of Texas Sept 15, 2006..... Almost exactly 13 years since we meet (Sept 23, 1993) So anyway. That's that.

Kind of a weird feeling really. Both good and bad. Good because I'm finally making me happy and well its about damn time I think of me first!!! Bad because..... well this is someone I don't really hate (oh I have some anger but not hate) and someone I have known for a really long time. There are only a few people outside of my family that I have known longer. But then its been a long time coming and we past the deadline for this a few years back.

So my motto has always been, "No regrets!" and this is definitely not a regret. not in the least!!!!

I am soooo freakin' happy today. I feel like dancing. Is that weird? Nay!!!!

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