Saturday, December 08, 2007

Dating Rules?

This week I was told I broke the "code".... Hmmm, what?

So let me back up. Goofball and I have been dating for .... well I am not sure where to start counting but we started talking online June 2006. To me that is when we first started dating, because in my mind dating is when you decide you have some interest in a person and want to see where it goes. Being in a relationship is once you decide this is the person you want to see exclusively. But, like I said, that's just me. There are varying degrees between the two.... so let's just say we have been dating exclusively for probably some where between a year and year and a half. I will admit in the beginning I was still talking to a few people but once Goofball and I meet a couple of times, that I was it. I decided I would give him my full attention, whatever that would mean.

Soooooo that was long for no reason.

Back to the story. Last Christmas I did want to get him something little for Christmas but it was "too early" and I didn't think it was a good time. This Christmas though I don't feel that way at all. I got him a gift. But, I don't know, I felt like I better let him know because it seemed fitting in what we were talking about (gift giving). He said "You broke the code." Hmmm WTF!? What code?

Well I have looked. A LOT! and everything I find is like this article. I found others but they all pretty much say the same. No matter where you start counting we have been dating more than the time where it is "too early" to give a gift.

So I didn't break the code! Ha!

Anywho, to me that isn't the point. The point is this is someone I like very much. I had a great idea of a gift I wanted to give him so I bought it. I think he will really like it and that was the point. To make him happy.

And really to me, should there really be rules about dating? Okay maybe a few and only in the beginning, like "Please don't come by my house at the 2 in the morning and watch my house." or maybe "It probably isn't a good idea to follow me everywhere I go." I mean that is just creepy, right?

But come on, once two people have been dating for several months or more, shouldn't they then get to just follow what feels right for them?

I knew you would agree!


Margaret said...

YOu are exactly right. :)

BeautifulDisaster said...

Its interesting you bring this up, because I've been thinking about it too. I've been seeing this guy since Oct and really not sure what to do about the gift thing. I know I'd feel like a total ass if he gets me something and I have nothing for him.

Karen said...

I totally agree with you. I'd been dating Andy for only 3 weeks our first Christmas and I bought him a gift - because I liked him and it was Christmas. No rules, no codes :0)

goofball said...

On my side of the fence: I'm glad she told me that she got me something. It would have been very awkward otherwise. The idea of gifts for Xmas and Bdays should't be a surprise, although there is no "code", there has to be some mutual understanding of where you are in a rel.....