Saturday, December 15, 2007

More teenager stuff

Ack! We have a new thing going on. I have been having to "fight" for any computer time lately. K is always on it! She has discovered youtube and that she can watch anime on it! Fine but just tell me when I get an email, okay?

So my apologizes to the blogging world. I can pretty much send a few emails, check my bank account and see a couple of blogs before she starts whining about the computer.

Okay that's it, she is on to me.... gotta jet! :) (Who's the mom? Oh yes, me. It keeps the peace though so my little sacrifice is worth it.)


trappedintime said...

mmmmm bah haha ha!!!!

Margaret said...

Youtube is HOURS of fun for me. Not anime but this evening while dinner was cooking I explored people who decorate their yards with lights and they flash in tune to music.

I love those people and wish they would adopt me so I can live there a month out of the year.

Charlene said...

That's why we are getting our kids computers for Christmas. One for the girls, one for the boys, dh has one and one for me as well. It will be a beautiful thing!

I never was good at sharing!