Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday update

We had a great holiday. Nothing super extra ordinary but wonderful at the same time. The kids were so happy and so great! They loved everything that "Santa" got them. And even better they liked the boring PJs that I got them. LOL!

Then around 4:00 pm on Christmas day the ex came and picked them up. I met his new girlfriend. This is one he has been dating since May(ish) and the kids spent most of the summer with. They are living together as well.

Anyway, she did seem very nice and I'm happy about that. The weird part is she is someone I could see myself being friends with under different circumstances, ya know?

Then when they left, I boo-wooed like crazy. Composed myself briefly and headed over to my Aunt's house (where all my family was gathered).... I started all over again. It was not pretty. It was a combination of things: lack of sleep, the fact it was a holiday and relief because honestly I need the break.

Woke up today still in a bit of a funk but feeling better. It just takes some time. Oh plus I got see Goofball today and that is always nice! No better than nice! It is awesome. He makes me smile.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great holiday! I can't believe it is nearly 2008. I still remember thinking, "I can't wait to party like its 1999!" and that year has come and gone.


Margaret said...

Happy New YEar!!!

Margaret said...

You ARE going to MDCQ, right???

Karen said...

Happy New Year to you. At least you got the best part of Christmas with the children. Glad they enjoyed the PJs. It's amazing what they like best.

BeautifulDisaster said...

Happy New Year!!!

Esmerelda said...

It's the boo hooing that comes at unexpected moments that hurts the most. I save it all up until I see something sad on TV, then I let it all out. And I'm fine.

The last episode of Season 3 of Rescue Me did it for me yesterday.