Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oohh by the way....

First of all this is my third post today after much silence. That is what therapy does to me. Ha, ha.

Anyway I never gave a cell phone update. She never found it. In fact, someone was using it so it was stolen. I had called the company to start the insurance claim process...they told me someone was using it.

So needless to say, they stopped service to that SIM card, and shipped us a new one.

Also, I had to put another $800 into my car last week (thanks mom and dad for the loan).... and this week I had to take it back in to get the same problem fixed. Crossing fingers.

That is that.


Margaret said...

You aren't liable for any of the charges on that stolen phone, are you?

TxGambit said...

No. I'm not. Thank goodness!

Margaret said...

When are we going to drinks? Seriously - we need to go sometime soon.... outside of MDCQ part II. OK?????