Saturday, July 05, 2008

Exactly how I feel! (Writer's Block)

This is exactly how I feel right now with my writer's block. (BTW - Jen Lancaster ROCKS. Love her writing style) It isn't that the words aren't there, but I keep finding other things that get in the way of my just sitting my ass down and writing.

I went to Goofball's on Sunday and I got a ton of good writing done. None since. Durnit!

I think part of my problem is that I want it to be perfect the first time which logically I know isn't the case. That is why there are editors or I can be my own editor.... Sorta. I mean I would need a real one too but.... Ya know. Right?

Oh and did I not mention I was writing a book?? I have been inspired and really want to get my story down. Will anyone read it? Will anyone care? I don't know but I still want to write it out.

Anywho, writer's block.... it sucks.


shuttle mom said...

Just write what comes to mind. You can always weed it out or correct later. Like when you have writers block.
I'll read your book!

Karen said...

I find the best writing is that which is not thought about too much. Write what you want, when you want - that's what makes it so real.

I'd read your book. Ever thought of setting up an additional blog and posting a section each time? Or purchasing a url in the book title name?

Anonymous said...

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