Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ya gotta have standards!!!

Call me shallow. Call me crazy BUT I think you have to have some standards when dating. Also I mean, hello there are millions of people in the world, how do you narrow it down?

I have certain "rules" or standards if you will about dating. I have tried to steer clear of dating guys with the same names as my dad or brothers or any of my cousins or uncles that I am close to. For the most part this has worked. I have dated a few with the same names and Goofball has the same name as one of my cousins but I am not as close to that cousin so it is okay.

Then since all women no matter what they say think about marriage (just that some are at different stages, but trust me guys to some degree ALL women think about it in some form.... I do but I also know I am not ready.... Not for years.... but I do hope some day in my future).... Anyway that was a bit off point.

This clip from Scrubs cracks me up because for one.... it is totally funny but two.... Well just watch it!

At any rate, that is another rule, ya gotta think about the last name because just in case, some day it could be yours. Right?

Then there are the preferences.... Me? I used to only be attracted to guys with blue eyes. Why? Because I wanted children with blue eyes. Well I have my children.... Then there is body type, I prefer that the guy be taller than me, at least just enough so I can wear heels sometimes. I am short so it isn't usually a problem. I like a guy with a nice chest, nice hands and a nice voice. Just some of the things that attract me.

But, I think the biggest and best advise I can give to women out there dating, just have standards and have low expectations as to where each relationship will go. Just me, you will be far less disappointed. Just enjoy each moment for that moment and try not to think about the future! (Yes again, marriage, I know! just don't start picking on rings and china patterns, okay?)

I just have been thinking that it seems like dating is harder or in our face more, what with all the online dating sites, reality shows to help people find love and all the talk shows about love, dating and relationships. Then what about all the books and hey blogs! I think it doesn't have to be so hard. Just know what you want, have standards, and keep your expectations low.... easy peezy lemon squeezy!


Melissa said...

I agree with the idea of bringing up the level of expectations. Recently I have been gaining some great support on being single and dating at The Sister Sign-In is free and the support is very empowering. Myself and other members would love to read some of your dating stories over there.

lincldad said...

Mad TV has a skit about "Lowered Expectations", it's hilarious.