Thursday, March 26, 2009

No apologies

I am tired of apologizing for my lack of blogging, even if I am sorry and missing it, I will not apologize. Life happens.

So what has been happening? Kids stuff. Lots of work and I have been sick again. and just a few other things I am not ready to talk about or even wrap my brain around.... Ack!

Kids stuff.... My daughter has been talking to people all over the country. I can only HOPE they are truly people her age but I don't know and I can't be for sure so we (her father and I) have had to take some measures to protect her. He has her cell phone account so he has been monitoring her use and OH BOY does she use it! She ran up quite the bill recently. He has blocked several phone numbers of guys we know she is talking to. I deleted a game she plays which is where she has been "meeting" these guys and set some parental controls so I can view her activity and control the hours in which she uses the computer. I doubt she will have as much interest now that I deleted that.

In some ways I feel like a hypocrite because I have been "meeting" people online for about 7 yrs now but I am a grown-up, she is a child. While I still have to be careful and use common sense online, I do and I understand. She just doesn't have that common sense yet. She is a smart kid but in the name of being "cool" or having a "boyfriend".... she just won't think.

Soooo that is my child problems.

Work is work. I am burned out and need a new one. I have interviewed for a new position at my company but no news yet. Soooo..... just keeping my eyes open for new opportunities.

Sick? Yeah I think it is stress, lack of sleep and maybe a sinus infection. But the way I feel is a lot like I felt this past summer with the seizures. I really hope it is something easy. I don't want to have a ton of medical bills again. Ack!

That is my life right now.


margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Hi my friend! No need to apologize about time between posts. It happens. Ye olde blog is yours and yours to do with as you see fit. Your friends will be here to read and chat whenever you get a chance!

I've been working on a post since Monday (about work and school) and it's still not done. I probably won't have it posted till next week. (I did make another one!)

Glad you are watching out for your daughter. My parents used to explain to me that adults have more more responsibilities, and more privileges, than kids do...and they were right. (That doesn't mean I liked it, but I saw the logic.)

I think I told you that I was about 19 when the Internet was taking off. There are a lot more dangers out there now than when you and I were kids...and adults have to be careful too. Take care, hugs to you!

Fairy said...

I hope you get the job you applied for! I can relate to needing a new job. HUGS

KimboSue said...

will keep you in my thoughts while you are going through all of this at the same time. Good luck in the job hunt.

Jems said...

Good work on the net and phone monitoring. Just this weekend I went through Joshua's mobile and screened the activity. I'm lucky that he's still an age where peer influence hasn't quite got the grip on him.

Good to see you back. :-)