Sunday, May 28, 2006

My kids and my weekend

This weekend was my 3rd weekend alone. No kids. And yes, the 3rd since November.

So what did I do? Not much! I needed to find some shoes to wear for my interview on Tuesday. Slept in, stayed up late. I even played video games!! I was suppose to clean. Of course I haven't done much of that at all.

What I realized this weekend is that my kids are my motivation. I get up each morning because of my kids. I clean the house because of my kids. I go to the grocery store because of my kids. See a pattern?

Well I had a chance to get one back. She called because she was homesick....or so she said. After talking with her dad, it turns out she was probably just bored. He was watching the race and the older boy was playing video games. Her Nintendo DS was charging so she was bored.

I told her no, she couldn't come home. This was her weekend with her dad and my weekend alone. She got mad, yelled at me. I said I was sorry.... and she said, "You aren't sorry. You are glad to be rid of us!" and then hung up.

Remind me why I miss them so much???? :)

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