Thursday, June 29, 2006

Clothing and the fashion challenged

My name is EJ and I’m fashion challenged. I have very limited clothing because I end up by things that look like crap or I ruin them in the wash (I’m laundry challenged too). But, in an effort to dress better, I have bought some nice things.

Today is a black sweater set (tank and cardigan style) with a long silver/gray skirt. It’s really cute actually. Here is my problem which has nothing to do with the actual fashion of the item, lint and cat hair! Yes folks, black clothing I have issues with because I have long haired cats, oh they are mostly white too. I also seem to be a magnet for that dusty lint that just makes you look at…. Slobby, I guess is the right word. I know everyone can see it and the more I try to get it off, the more I seem to attract.

I really need to go on What Not to Wear because I need help and maybe I need to shop at some of those “high-end” stores they are always showing because maybe then I won’t attract so much lint, dust and cat hair….. because I will be spending so much, right??

Next time we will discuss my challenge with laundry!

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