Sunday, July 15, 2007

All the world's a stage.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for my cousin's wife. So what is she my cousin-in-law? Anyway, sweet and very cute couple! He wasn't there but to hear her talk about my baby cousin, it was cute. They are having their first and its a little girl. Sweet.

So I have four male cousins on my dad's side of the family. This was just one of them. All are fairly newly married couples. L&M have been married since 2004 but live in Cali so we don't see them much. Then there is J&J, they are the ones having the new baby. They were married in 2005. Then M&L married just this April.... and lastly, M&A married in June of this year.

They are all like those perfect couples. They did the away from home college thing, got professional jobs making good money. Got engaged, bought the house and now, at least J&J (the oldest of my cousins at just 30) are starting their family.

They are living that "American Dream" or whatever. Like this is the way you do it..... "Step 1.... Step 2...."

This is sooo not how my life has ever gone and sometimes it makes me upset. Not for any other reason than I thought my life was suppose to be like theirs. It is kinda like when you see Super Models in mags and you think this is how real women look. If that is the case then why is my size always sold out at the stores?

I just remind myself that life is not a script to be followed. Yeah all the world's a stage and we are merely players (Thanks Shakespeare, this is not the exact quote); however, it doesn't mean we have to follow the same script. We can improvise a bit, right?

I just have moments that I need to realize this and I do sometimes envy them their life's but that is their life, their choice. My choice was this: Go to college, hate it, go in the Navy, love it. Find my husband (now ex) in just a week... get pg, get married (yes in that order). Fight my way through the first year, have another baby 19 mths later....... well and you know the rest, I think.

Anyway, it ended but that doesn't mean that my life has ended. Hell no! Just because life isn't the way I thought it would be, I can embrace this new twist and wait for the excitement of my new role!

I can't wait!


trappedintime said...

At least you got the Divorce thing out of the way. You won't be in your 40's and just divorced. Much less in your 40's and just barely with a school age kid. I'm not saying the way to do it is marry early and then divorce, but I think that people who get married (for the first time) at a later age and career stage get into some "set in their own ways" issues. Funny, I'm watching SCott Bao (sp) "45 and Single).

TxGambit said...

Sometimes you say the cutest things.

g-man said...

Different paths for us all, that is what makes dinner conversation. ;)