Thursday, July 19, 2007

To keep or not to keep that is the question

So I have never gotten around to going through my pictures to purge the ex from them. But, with kids, can I really do that? I mean I can get rid of the pics of just him, right? But what of the ones with him and the kids?? I should keep them for them, yes? And, what about pictures with the ex in-laws and the kids, keep too?

I mean some of this is really easy. I am making a stack of throw out and a stack of things he might want....I guess the plan is to go through and give him anything with him solo, then on things I have double on, give him the copy and keep one.

13 yrs of memories.... okay well maybe just the first 8, then we used digital exclusively.... so I have already taken care of the digital photos!

Bday cards, anniversary cards and everything in between. Wow!!!

Stacks and Stacks of pictures! Thank goodness for digital!

Maybe when I get organized I will share a few of the really good pics of the kids! And maybe even some of me! ;)


Margaret said...

When do the kiddos come home? Or have they re-invaded yet??

Margaret said...

I thought about your post on Friday.... I found a yet to be unpacked box in the garage and it had my wedding album from my ex. I don't know what to do wiht it. I don't want the memories of "us" but there's so much of my family. I feel ya....

TxGambit said...

They come back on Aug 5!!!!

I can't wait.

BeautifulDisaster said...

Keep them all. Seriously. Your kids will value them someday and so might you. I still have our family photo albums and my kids periodically take them out and love looking through them. And our wedding/couple photos are in a box in the garage.