Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Crossing Fingers! (random post)

Do you have then crossed? I think my computer might be working.... for the moment. I have been online now for a few minutes and it hasn't crashed..... Yet....

So I have moved all my photos and music and anything else I don't want to lose to my extra hard drive. My computer has two. So just in case this one dies, I won't lose everything. (crossing fingers)

Nothing excited from me though so you aren't missing anything in my life. Just missing my kids like crazy, hanging out a bit with Goofball, working a lot and cleaning. How fun does my life sound?!?! :)

Monday was my brother's Bday. He is the one in Iraq. Won't be home from there for another 6 mths because they got extended for a few extra. In September, it will be a year that he has been gone....

And it is the 4th of July. I have no plans at all. How sad is that? I feel so pathetic and lonely but ya know, it is what it is. Actually my parents are having me over for dinner and we will hang out. Nothing exciting but still better than being here alone. But everyone else I know has plans or I would try to hang out with someone else. Normally my family is very organized and in to doing these big parties for every thing! Seriously! (Goofball thinks we are weird and yeah a little but I love my family a lot! and miss the parties)

My mom had surgery. Since just before that, no parties. What's up? No June bday parties this year, nothing for Mother's day, nothing for the 4th..... When is our next party?? I have no idea. We would often get together because it was just a good day for a party. My memories is getting fuzzy on when our last one was.... Our family reunion at the end of April, I think? (which was a much more extended version of just my mom's sisters and their kids and their kids....)

I think I might go take a nap or watch a movie and then call my parents.

HAPPY FOURTH!!!!!!! Hope you all have a good, safe holiday.


trappedintime said...

"Just missing my kids like crazy, hanging out a bit with Goofball, working a lot and cleaning. How fun does my life sound?"
I guess I'm part of the problem, instead of part of the solution. Razzin ya. Happy belated 4th!

TxGambit said...

Nay. I should have put you in a different sentence. I meant the cleaning and working part only.