Monday, July 09, 2007

Here and There

So I thought I would do a quick random all over the place post! Here goes.

1. Thanks Mindy for giving me this!

Isn't it pretty! Now I get to give this to other Rockin' Girl Blogger. Many of the ones I would tag have gotten it. So anyway, here are the folks I give it to.

Aimee - You rock! You are always there with a kind word, support or to help me out with great Sun protection info.

Esmerelda - You rock! Keep on rockin'. (No link)

Mrs. Wheezer - You rock! Again, always there when I need support and just a great, great friend. I'm soooo glad I finally got to meet you. Can't wait to see you again.

Beautiful Disaster - You rock! From one single mom to another! Great blog and we are sooo *right here*....

And last but not least Jen - You rock! You don't blog much but you have been an amazing friend through the years. You bring the humor in most situations but can be right down to the point and serious in others.


2. I FINALLY talked to the kiddos! It was sooo good to talk to them but just as I was getting off the phone with the ex (we had to talk business), I started to get choked up and almost cried when I got off the phone. I think it was part relief to finally talk to them and partly just plain mama sadness. But I do try to be thankfully. No I don't just try, I am! They will be home soon and I will surrounded by their voices, their laughs, their smiles, their screams, their yelling, their door slamming, and loving every minute of it.


3. Got out last night with Goofball and a friend of his. I almost didn't go but really glad I did.


4. I have reconnected with a few of my very good friends lately. Two on the same day! And, one today. It is always great when old friends call or email. I just wish I could fly out to Green Bay to see my one very best friend even after almost 7 yrs apart. She and I go waaaaay back to Jan 1993-ish at least when we first met but we truly started hanging out a year later when we were both pg with our first children! Both girls! My other two friends I meet 7 yrs ago this month. We worked at the same place for 2 yrs and have stayed in touch off and on since.


5. Have you seen the commercial for the depression meds that says, "Depression Hurts." Yes it does. As you would expect mentally but it also hurts physically.


6. Watching the Home Run Derby! It rocks!!!! It is like the best part of baseball and all the best players doing it. I probably won't watch the All-star game tomorrow though. Unfortunately, the Astros do not have many players this year. Just two.... Carlos Lee and Roy Oswalt!


7. I am still not completely up to speed with my computer. I am now using Firefox so I have to get it all set up like I like with all my faves bookmarked and then I will be back to making my rounds around the blogosphere. If I haven't commented on your blog for a while, its not that I don't love you anymore, its I just haven't had the time just yet with trying to get my computer up to speed.....

Well I guess that's it! Lucky 7, though my fave number is 9. Hey I could write 9. This should count as #8, yes?

9. Please check out Jenny of Mama Drama fame at her home away from home!
I want her to be my new best friend! She is awesome.


g-man said...

Not sure how you fell off my radar, but I have been playing catch-up on your blog. Sorry that you has PC problems (I am Esmerelda's personal IT department) I might have been able to help. Don't forget to update your side bar with the new ages (teenager). Sorry you are feeling depressed, I can relate. Nice letter to Goofball, he is lucky. Bunches of hugs. :)

Jen said...

Dude - I feel blessed.....

You rock yourself....

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

Aww thanks! :))) You made my day!

Mrs. Wheezer said...

Aww, thanks! You totally rock!

Margaret said...

If I had known you were a Stros fan - I'd say "let's go to a game". I luuuuuvvvvv me some baseball!!

Yes, Depression hurts. It sucks. Bad.

TxGambit said...


Glad ya like it!

Ditto! You have made my day many times. Glad I could return the favor.

Mrs. W,
You are very welcome!

Totally love them! And can you believe I have not been to Minute Maid Park yet! My last game was in the Dome.

Jen said...

oh yeah - tag ya back