Thursday, July 26, 2007

That kiss

Have you ever had that one just amazing kiss (or kissing session) that just sends chills through your body and you can barely hold yourself up so you just completely lean on him and you can feel it through your whole body from your head to your toes and for days after when you think about it your stomach gets that butterfly feeling and you get all warm and maybe a little giddy over it?

It has been a really, really, REALLY long time for me. So long in fact I can't even remember..... Maybe it was that first serious boyfriend that I mention sometimes, JJ. But, I don't think my ex-h and I ever had something like this..... and JD.... well really that was all lust so maybe, but I can barely remember what he looks like let alone what kissing was like.

But very recently I had the most amazing kiss(es). Like the kind I described. Just amazing. Still thinking about it. Hoping for a repeat.... or maybe something even better. Because I will admit that each time I see him and each time we kiss, it is just better than the last time. And, sex, well wow. After kissing like that sex is amazing because I already feel that all over sensation....... (sigh)......

So ya want to know a little secret. I never used to like guys to touch my face or near my face (like on the sides of my head) when kissing me...... though I have always like hands on the back of my head in my hair (I love having people touch my hair)...... However, now, I love having my my face touched, my hair touched.... just all over while kissing especially.

Gives me the chills again just thinking about it.

So anyway, just something I wanted to share because I just couldn't keep it to myself anymore. I don't always share everything but this, this had to be shared.


Esmerelda said...

WOW! I'm so happy for you. Hopefullly you're letting him fully explore all your other good places, too.

g-man said...

Sounds great. It is so much better when you can feel it all over. Thanks for sharing.

Margaret said...

Wooooo Hooooooooo! I have to rmeind Mark every once in a while to give me a good smack on the lips (kiss - not a know what I mean).

Woooo Hoooo for Yooooooouuuu!!!

Karen said...

Oooh, chills and flutterbies. Makes me all goosepimply just thinking about it. Good for your girlie!!!

TxGambit said...

Thanks. :)

Still getting all giddy-ish, thinking about it. Its been a week!

Jenny said...

I had a flu that felt like that once.


I think Victor and I need to get away for the weekend, huh?

BeautifulDisaster said...