Monday, August 13, 2007

I have cool kids

Wow. I cannot believe how much my kids have changed over the summer. Really they were always this much fun but oh how I appreciate them a lot more this time.

So the older two and I just got done with a few hands of Uno. It was a blast! We were just cracking each other up! They are getting to be more like people, not just little kids. It is really great.

Even the little one is just really neat to hang out with. He says the funniest little things. He is also finally old enough to start really playing video games and that is what the three of them are currently doing. This is something that was always a part of my family growing up: games. Both board games and video games.

My dad has always been big into technology so we always seemed to have gaming systems even before they were mainstream. We had some weird thing back in the late 70s. I can't remember the name.... Fairchild? maybe or maybe that is some secret government mission. But, anyway, I just remember something about a machine that my dad hooked up in the TV shop that my grandparents owned and you used a joystick thingy and it drew colors all over the TV screen. Not really a game but when you are somewhere between 5-7 (I can't remember how old but I know it was in this time frame) that was a cool thing.

And we always had board games and card games or we were outside inventing games which my kids do as well. We still play games at almost all family gatherings.

And over the course of the years, I have packed and moved 3 very large, large boxes all full of games. It has been reduced since then but we still have a ton of games in our house.

Sooo anyway, I just had a great, great night hanging out with my kids and it was awesome!

I know that they are older now and as they get older this will not always be the case, so I figure, celebrate when I can.

Oh and as I have been writing this, they have started to fight. But, I'm still smiling because I know that I am still raising really great kids.

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d. chedwick bryant said...

We always seemed to grow taller during the summer when we were young, maybe sitting slmped over a desk in school for all those months just grew our brains and not much else. Summer is such an active time, we were always cartwheeling, skateboarding, biking, etc...