Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Voodoo Doll curses?

When we were in New Orleans in June for work, we had a scavenger hunt. One of the items was a Voodoo doll. Well most people, I think, didn't keep them or even attempt to "put a curse" on someone. However, one of my co-workers did. Why? Because she was drinking a bit tooooo much. She was also pushing my buttons all night but that's another story.

So fast forward to today.... All last week and so far this week has been kinda the whole Murphy's Law at work. If it was going to go wrong, it has.

One of my other co-workers and I decided it was B and her voodoo doll. So if that is the case, how the heck do I get rid of the spell?! Or at the very least, please just say a prayer, cross your fingers, say a chant.... whatever that the spirits that I pissed off, have found enough revenge that they move on to the next victim.



trappedintime said...


On a night when the Moon is in a waning phase, take a blood root (a favorite Voodoo root used for breaking all evil spells and hexes) and throw it onto the doorstop of the person who has placed the curse upon you. You will then be released from his or her magickal power and the imprecation will immediately be turned back to the sender of the curse.

trappedintime said...

Can't hurt to throw a litte of this ditty in too:

“This spell on me
I return to thee,
To thee who hast so ill-wished me.
So mote it be” (x3)

Esmerelda said...

make your own voodoo doll and run it over with your car.

TxGambit said...

How long do you think it will take the chant to work?

aimee / greeblemonkey said...


kristy said...

okay so I think im cursed I don't know where it could come from I wasn't a believer of voodoo until my mother kept telling me someone has cursed you

Here is one of the ways I think I became cursed my best friend hung himself over a girl NOT MEhe was coked out facing a long time in jail on numerous charges and a bunch of jelous girls spread a rumor and said he did it because I gave him aids I have a clean bill of health and 8 years later I'm healthier with a three year old child AND I NEVER SLEPT WITH HIM but his mom till this day believes its my fault and I think she has cursed me!!!!

I'm a single mother now After an 8 year long beutiful relationship gone abusive I have the most bad luck I have had three felonies since then with bullshit charges I feel like there is somone who really hates me and I'm suffering and I need some answers some help how to get rid of this

I think for sure its my dead best friends mom because a short time after he passed I had just fallen asleep in my sis room on the top bunk watching my mom play on the computer and all of a sudden I'm walking with one of my friends and then here comes my dead best friend wearing my white, white sox jersey that I gave him a puts his arms around us says some wierd things and he starts walking backward in front of us and stops and charges right through me like a ghost would through a wall and my eyes just pop open awake gasping for air at the same time calling out to my mom while I can still see the dream and my mom sitting at the desk all I see is my dead best friends back me clutching my chest and violently shaking in my now half dream half paralyzed awake gasping mom and finally the dream is over I can see my Mom running towards the bed my whole upper body shot up and I screamed mom so loud like I was a 6 year old again even though I was 16 at the time

Ever since this has happened I had my friends all turn on me a criminal record by some crappy charges like I was there while somone took a leak in the parking lot and the cops seen it and interigated me if the guy I was with had intentions to break into a car and called me terrorist because I'm Assyrian and from bagdad but I'm Christian and this is novermber 2001

Now please someone anyone HELP

It can also be my ex boyfriends mom she doesn't like me probably because of my dead best friends moms curse

my old best friends mom who didn't like me smoking ciggaretts and would say mean stuff in my language which were curses

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Anonymous said...

I was told to use a voodoo doll on my foe, I did it and I was wrong, I am ashamed that I did that, how can I reverse it? I no longer have the doll, it was destroyed. Please , can you help me?

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