Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The lotto dream

Okay admit it, we all have one. I do. You do.

But, I used to kid myself, make myself believe that I would continue to work after I won. I would need to stay busy after all, right. And, no matter how much I won, I would work.

Bhahahaha! (laughter heard round the World)

Yeah, maybe, just maybe that would be true.....But, I seriously doubt it and especially not after the last couple of weeks at work.

I seriously have been coming home emotionally, mentally and physically drained. Not to mention my drive home is plagued by the most horrible traffic known to man. Okay it isn't thaaaat bad but it is very near close.

And, now that my babies are home, I don't want this kind of feeling. I want to come home and enjoy them. I don't want them to have a tired, stressed out mommy to deal with and then wish they were back with their dad and his girlfriend who both had far more time for them then I have in a loooooong time! (And no I am in no way jealous, I'm just saying they were able to be home for them and make dinner and be a "family"). K made dinner tonight!!!! I was sooo thankfully to her. She is a good girl.

And, then there is a day like today, I got to see Goofball at lunch. Oh that was nice to see him. Yeah and I'm acting like I haven't seen him in weeks when really it hasn't even been a week yet since the last time. Anyway, he looked amazing! even more than usual. Could I separate work and him for even an hour? Not very well and I feel a little bad, not completely because I know he understands but crap, I didn't even tell him he looked nice. Have I mentioned he is the first guy that actually makes me all over hot?! No, I haven't? Oh well, I have a hard time keeping my hands off of him, but whatever.

Sooooo anyway, do you think it is a good thing that work has me so drained? Would you call that a good day at the office? I know I will have to get to bed earlier tonight or I will NOT wake in the morning. Plus I want to have breakfast for a change that isn't a bar. No not alcohol but like a nutritional bar thingy.... I think I will need the fuel to get through the day.


Margaret said...

Although alcohol for breakfast...hmmmm....

I feel ya on the lotto dream. Lately more than ever.

TxGambit said...

Yeah know, Margaret now that I think about it further.... That might not be such a bad thing.

Care to join me sometime?

trappedintime said...

I did the math on my lotto dream. It's depressing at how much you have to win in order not to work and be comfortable.

Bloody Mary and scrambled eggs, mmmmmm good.

Mayberrys said...

I think you'd need to win the PowerBall....
Or just have alcohol for breakfast every day and stop thinking about it!!

Margaret said...

Ummm...yeah... you name when/where. Mimosas? Forget that - margaritas are fine with me.

Jenny said...

Oh sweetie...I feel you on the stressed exhaustion.

We both need a drink. (Margaret, can you make us breakfast?)

Dro Alex said...

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