Wednesday, April 23, 2008

*Catchy title here*

For the last several nights, I haven't been sleeping well again. That is fine, I am going to the doc on Friday. I am thinking a meds change is in order again.... I won't even tell you all the weird thoughts I have been having.... AGAIN. It is scary.

But, because I am not sleeping well, meaning waking several times a night, my brain is working at odd hours. So for the last two nights, I have in my mind written the best blog entries EVER! Seriously. I was thinking "Wow this will get some great discussions going. I will get lots of comments. People will link to me"..... Hmm what were the ideas, the words, topics.....???

I have no idea!

Normally, I would have written it down or even gotten on the computer and typed it up! But I fell back asleep before I could. I am so disappointed.

I keep wondering if it was a dream but it happened in that half awake/half asleep moment. You know when you are kind of floating, drifting but still aware of things around you and the brain is still working very clearly.

Soooo I am sorry if you came here thinking I had written this very profound, "aha" post that would just set the world on fire! Maybe tonight I will have the energy to write it down before it is lost forever.

****Oh and one last thought, do you ever just look back at your life and say "Wow!" In thinking back on the last couple of years, I am definitely thinking that.****

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shuttle mom said...

I am sooo glad that happens to someone else. I have these wonderful thoughts and ideas just before I fall asleep. Then I wake up thinking "If they were so great why can't I recall them?"
Hubby and the kids say it's age catching up with me, but what do they know.