Monday, April 14, 2008

Volunteering at school and some ex stuff

Once upon a time, I used to be an involved parent. I sent in things to class, to the teacher, volunteered to help at parties, field trips, etc.....

Those days are long gone or so I thought.

I have started trying to volunteer more at the schools. Well so far just K's school. But since it is working out well, I am hoping that soon I can start doing it with the boys' schools.

Anyway, K has gotten involved in Drama and it is the perfect activity for her. I love helping out too. So far just one play but it was fun. It was soooo fun!

This Saturday I am helping to judge a drama competition. I cannot wait! How much fun will that be?!?! Oh I will be tired but it will be a blast.

Worst part of the weekend will be the ex being here. He is coming in for K's drama thing. He said they (being he and his gf) will come down for the day. They just couldn't stay overnight or long because of her dogs. Hmmm, fine, why does she have to come?? Or why can't someone watch the dogs? I mean hello I am always inconvenienced with kid stuff and finding care and I have two cats and a dog now. Yeah it sucks but he never has to be inconvenienced like I do. Of course I am not complaining, I'm just saying.

Anyway, to make it easier and because my common sense was left in California, I said if they needed to bring the dogs, they (the dogs) could stay overnight here to make it easier. I am doing it for my kids, not for him. And I honestly have no problem with his girlfriend, honestly don't. But, sometimes I just get soooo frustrated! Why can't he just be a dad rather than a boyfriend? Ack!

So he and I had a long discussion about custody. Basically it ended up with me just whining, bitching and venting, and him, yet again, not taking my feelings seriously. He just blows it off as me needing to air my feelings. Well yes but it is based on my real feelings.

Well whatever, I am happy with my choices with the kids, with my life. I have no regrets at this point and really, isn't that what matters? I hope he can say the same at the end of all this....


markira said...

You're a bigger person than I am for offering to host the dogs.

X did the same thing with me first after the split...couldn't do anything without the girlfriend, everything was them, them, them. I think a lot of it is separation, trying to make it perfectly clear that he is part of a new couple that does not include you. (like you'd WANT to be back with him...and a lot of the "you" in these sentences actually refers to how *I* feel/react)

I really want(ed) to scream out, "Yeah, I GET IT already! Can you GET an independent life?"

Props to him for coming to the drama thing, though. (of course, WE don't get props for coming to these things, do we? No, it's EXPECTED. But the other parent does parent-things? WOW, he's working so HARD.)

Must stop now. Getting (more) bitter. :D mk

Margaret said...

i used to compete in speech and debate and judged competitions quite a bit after I got out of high school.

If you ever need another judge - lemme know. :)