Sunday, April 20, 2008

My totally weird weekend (and it isn't over yet)

It started on Friday. I got to see Goofball Friday night. I don't think I have EVER seen him on a Friday night. We have schedule issues so this was a great surprise! Wait, surprise? That might not be the right word there but ya know.... it was great! We had planned to go out but my kids were tooo hyper to be left. So we just hung out. K who usually does not like having him around too much said she had fun and she even said "...and I didn't think I would."

Why were the kids so hyper you might wonder? There dad came to visit this weekend.

K had a drama competition yesterday at her school. He and the girlfriend came down to watch. This worked out GREAT! Because I got to help out at the school which was awesome. I was a judge. The kids were so cute and some of them have some really talent at acting. I judged all day! K had events all day but I didn't get to see any of them but got to see her between events.

And you may be wondering about my ex and his girlfriend. Some funny things happened, like at one point he asked me, "What was that look for?" I said innocently, "What look? I'm not married to you any more.... I don't give you looks." His girlfriend who I think I love (ha, ha), started cracking up. She loved it. We have gotten to be really good friends thus far.

So then after the drama thing, somehow I ended up with an extra kid. One of K's friends was spend the night. I think they knew I was weak from lack of food and fatigue of the day.... Just kidding! I love this girl so I am glad to have her over.

Well the ex and his GF were going to take the kids out to dinner but we had one problem. They don't have a car big enough so I was asked along. So me, my three, K's friend, the ex and his GF enjoyed dinner ON HIM!!!! Ha, ha! Thanks.

But, before dinner we were hanging out here at my house. The GF and I were hanging out in my room talking about .... well everything. Then we started looking through old pics of the kids. Then after dinner she rode with me and the girls back to my house. We all sang the whole way. That was fun!

But, the best part of the whole thing was the look of worry on the ex's face as his GF and his ex-wife shared secrets, shared new inside jokes and shared a ride home. Priceless!!!!!

They are here now and I haven't gone out to say anything yet. I had a rough night. Poor Cowboy was in his crate longer than usual yesterday and had I any foresight at all, I would have asked my mom to come over just after lunch to let him out for a few mins or so. Anyway, he was NOT tired so he played with his toys, tried to play with me and paced a lot!

I guess I better get out there....


Margaret said...

Ummm...good for you? Is that appropriate?

KimboSue said...

Wow, hanging with the ex's GF. that's a new one...and a weird one?

TxGambit said...

I think it is okay. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules to post-divorce relationships so we are doing what we think feels right.

One of my friends today said, "You think it is weird because it wasn't weird?" Yep that about sums it up!

Karen said...

I think it's a positive thing. Like he said, you're not together anymore. Being able to get along with him and his partner is a great example to the children and you've said it yourself - it felt good to get along.

Much better than bitterness, resentment and jealousy. I don't think you're capable of that. I'm proud of you :0)

Avonlea said...

That's pretty funny about you and the GF sharing a ride, inside jokes, etc. DH's ex-wife is still a good friend, and a few times we have all gone out together with other friends. She loves to tell the cashier or waitress (as she's teasing DH about something) that she's the ex-wife, so she can say things like that. :-)