Sunday, June 08, 2008

And he swims!

L had swim lessons the summer before last but because of the custody agreement, he is now with his dad during the summer. There are a few places here that offer year around swim lessons but mostly it is summer when they are offered.

Anywho so he has really not had a lot of practice and has been using a floaty ring. But this Spring I started trying to get him out of the ring. He is nearly six.

Well today we went to my parents' so the kids could swim and play with their cousins. L started out in the ring, then just walking around in the swallow end (he is tall enough to walk around about half the pool). Then he started putting his face in to the water, then most of his head, then all of his head and then he was actually going all the way under several inches. Then he was pushing off the bottom and gliding a little.

Then he got even more brave and started jumping into the pool. First with the floaty ring but after a couple of jumps, the rings was completely forgotten. He was jumping and jumping and actually going under water. He was having fun.

Soon he was back to practicing his gliding and before long was adding arms and legs.

He was SWIMMING!!!! I am soooo proud.


Margaret said...

Complete natural it sounds like!!!

Karen said...

Aww, good for him!!! Well done!

Anonymous said...

My twins were premature so they go to baby swimming classes since they were 6 months. My daughter never showed any fear. My son cried a lot when he first started, now it takes a bit longer for him to be comfortable in the water.
Congratulate L!


shuttle mom said...

Yay, good for him!
Sadly mine were never around water much until they were older. My 16 yr old just learned to swim in early May while we were in South Padre.