Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Birthday Party

So L's bday is this month but not until later in the month; however, since the kids will be with their dad for his bday and because I wanted to make sure his friends could come, I had it today!

I can't believe he is going to be six in a few months. 6, six, 6!!! When did that happen, this is my baby, my youngest.... and my last. I have really tried to enjoy each moment of it because I feel like the other two just grew up way too fast and he is following in that trend.

While, yes, I feel at times I take him (them) for granted. I do try to slow down and enjoy them all. And yes they do drive me crazy at times but never to the point that I can't get over it after a little downtime.

Anyway, back to the Bday party. He had a blast, I had a blast, my mom had a blast! Everyone did. We had it at a local pizza kid place and not the one with the mouse (or is he a rat?).... It was perfect. We had a room, a host, she played games with the kids. I brought a cake. They ate pizza, they had cake, presents were given and opened. Then we let them go to the game room to play. I drove a go-cart! I played air hockey with L and then my mom! The kids all played a ton of games and got lots of tickets.

I am so glad that I did it there! I am thrilled that it went well. Tons of great pics, tons of fun memories. Overall, good day.


Margaret said...

Happy Birthday L!!!

trappedintime said...

Glad it went well.

He's a RAT.

Anonymous said...

Please congratulate L on her birthday... Here in Spain the child's ears are pulled as many times as how old they are turning...

shuttle mom said...

Happy Birthday L!!!
We were celebrating my Aunt's 90th birthday on Saturday. Her's was actually the 6th, but my brothers is the 8th and another brother will celebrate his 50th on the 28th.