Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What a year!

To Goofball,

What started out with a simple email has turned into a year of memories. I feel really lucky to have met you, though some days you keep me wondering why! Just kidding! :) You make me laugh and smile even on the days I don't always want to. And, while I don't have expectations of mind reading, you have this knack for it, like emailing or calling just when I need you too.

You are thoughtful and respectful. You make me think in ways I have never before or of things I knew nothing about. You are patient with me and well a damn good kisser too!

I don't know the future nor do I want to. I want to enjoy these moments for the moments they are.

Anyway, thanks.

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trappedintime said...

TU, es TU for being U!