Saturday, May 31, 2008

Late, late... Always late!

I never used to be late. Never. When did this happen? When did I start to be late to EVERYTHING!!!!????

I know it has nothing to do with kids because I was fine until a few years ago. Do you think it is because there is only one parent/grown up in the house? Because I have to take care of everything AND get myself ready??

Yes that is probably it. I have no help and even though ALL my kids are old enough to get themselves ready, dressed, etc.... I still have to stay right on top of them and get them moving.

"Are you up?"
"Why aren't you up?"
"This is your last warning!!"
"Why don't you have anything to wear? I did all the laundry!"
"Too bad, wear those pants and no I don't care if you don't like them!"
"Does anyone in this house tell time besides me? Cuz we are late AGAIN!"

Right now we are suppose to be going to have lunch with my grandmother. We are only 40 mins late but I have already called to let her know that we are all running slow this morning.

And, yes this morning I am running on low to no energy, and yes I sit here not quite ready but before I blow a gasket! Nobody was getting ready but me so I was getting to the boiling point. I hate losing my temper it is such a waste and I hate fighting... again kind of a waste (though sometimes necessary-ish).

Okay so anyway now that everyone is waiting on me.... I better go.... Oh wait what is that noise?? Ack! The boys are fighting. It is going to be a long day.


Anonymous said...

Since I started reading your blog I think you are superwoman. It is really hard to raise three children alone and work full time.
In my case, I hate being late, but usually I always am since I am a mom of twins... No matter how hard I try I am always 3-5 minutes late for work. Every morning, just about to leave the house, one of my twins would just Poop! ...
Greetings from Spain!

shuttle mom said...

It's not just being a single Mom thing. I'm usually waiting on the kids and hubby, hubby ALWAYS being the last to make it in the car. I have been known to leave without him....

trappedintime said...

It's one thing to be late because of yourself, a completely different situation when it's because of someone else.

Woodland Fairy said...

I am always late too. I hate it.