Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Blog Trip - Day 2 - How much is it to filler up!?

So welcome to Blog Trip day two! This post is about the price of gas.

Well with a hurricane in the Gulf this week (yesterday) and Labor Day just ending, gas has been a varying thing. But it is far lower than it has been this Summer.

Lately it has been between $3.30 and $3.60.... I know $.30 difference but what can I say. I live out in what used to be country and I drive into the big city often. Price can be hugely different street to street, corner to corner around here.

On every one's mind is how to save on gas. Well sadly I don't have a strategy for this. This summer I lost my mind so that helped because I wasn't driving as much. But, typically no strategy.

Our town isn't really set up well for walking or biking anywhere, no sidewalks or shoulders to do this. I would have to walk in the ditch or on the very overcrowded roads to do it. I would love to see this change as they start to work on the roads in the area. Even to walk to our neighborhood park, the sidewalk ends before you get there so kids, dogs and grown-ups are forced to walk on the road. Not such a bad thing unless you are walking said road and the idiots that don't realize that it is a neighborhood not Daytona International Speedway go speeding by. Or when you are driving the people that think they can walk 3-4 wide on the street so that cars can't drive by.... Well it just isn't made for foot traffic and motor vehicles to travel together. But I digress.

I have lived in areas that I walked everywhere. I walked to work. I walked to the store. I walked to the park. I walked. I walked. I walked. Now I don't live close enough to work to do that. The stores aren't close enough and like I said, no good infrastructure to do it either. And frankly I have gotten lazy too.... :) There I admit it!

There is no public transportation out of here that I can catch either, though up in the Big City there is so just getting up that way, you can park and catch rides to other destinations around the city. These are all things are little town gone big town is working on but I think they are spending too much time talking and less time doing. There was a huge population explosion over the past 10 yrs and development is out of control, people are struggling to catch up and get their minds wrapped around the change. Change happens people, get on board or get out of the way. (Did I say that out loud?)

Goofball wanted me to mention that we live about 22 miles apart so gas prices have an impact on seeing each other. I really thought it was more schedules and kids and stuff like that but yep, now that he mentions it, gas prices too. I think he said it costs like $7-ish each way. Not sure because I never thought about it. But I trust him..... :)

At any rate, that is the gas situation here in my town. I hope the lack of infrastructure doesn't deter you from visiting us. As you will see during the rest of this trip, there is a lot to see here!


goofy said...

Include a toll for ease of operation and it is about $8.50 per round trip in gas. Not bad when we only see each other once or twice a week. Just imagine if it were more often.

Charlene said...

Hey girl! I'm here (and I posted). I woke up late today.

I don't know what you mean about the linky thing?! Do you mean that yesterday they had that list that you can add yourself too? If so, I saved it on my favorites ;) If you want me to send you the link let me know!

In the meantime, I can't believe we pay more for gas than you do! I'm filling up a minivan too, so that sucks!

Let me know about the list! Talk to you soon!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

you are lucky - gas is way more by me!!!!!!!!!
$70 to fill my tank!

Kimberly @ AllAboutKimberly said...

On the trip with you...we too have no form of public transportation and because I live in a very rural area, it's a long trip to anywhere!

Linda S said...

Goofball! that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by on the blog trip from Raleigh, NC!! Isn't it insane the difference in cost from one station to station?! What's crazier is when there's a big difference between two stations that sit on opposite sides of the road!!! "HELLO DOLLY" WHO DO YOU THINK WE'RE CHOOSING?!

Farrah from...

CynthiaK said...

Tough when you haven't even got reasonable public transportation around.

Good thing this Blog Trip isn't costing us anything! (except all the time I'm spending exploring these great places!)

rmgales said...

Your price seems to be pretty reasonable. I visited one post where regular gas was $5.00 a gallon. I love the 3rd paragraph of your post. Hope you can stop by. It's $3.50 a gallon in these parts.

lisaschaos said...

Well that's not bad. The lowest we have seen in months is happening right now at $3.59, typically we've been in the $3.80-.90 range. And north of us it's been $4.12 - Ouch!

Brandy said...

Yeah I hate when people drive like that in neighborhoods. Our house is at the end of the street and people drive crazy around the curve and i just hate to walk outside with owen, you never know who is going to come around it.