Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting back to normal

This is pretty much the only damage I had to my house.... and this isn't even the house. I feel lucky. I have power, Internet, hot water. I have a frig full again with food.

We are getting back to normal but many of our neighbors, friends and family are not. Goofball, for one, has no power and no good sign of it coming on... At this point it sounds like he won't have it until next Friday.

I have a co-worker/friend that was in one of the hardest hit areas (Seabrook) and she will have a long recovery time.

Then I have family that live in Galveston (we are all from there originally!). My cousin lost his year old washer and dryer. They had some other damage in their house but last time I talked to them, they hadn't been able to get in.

I still don't know for sure about going back to work or the kids back to school. Right now I am planning to be back at work on Monday but they will have an update Sunday evening. The kids are suppose to go back either Tuesday or Wednesday. I have no idea. They said update on Sunday or Monday.

So that is an update from us. Please keep everyone in your thoughts!

Soon more normal Single Mom Finding Herself content! Promise!


Gin E said...

Good to know your house is ok...somewhat.

Margaret in MD (the misanthrope) said...

Hi, Erica!

I came over from Mama Drama and The Bloggess. I'm glad you are OK after Ike, but sorry to hear about the damage your home suffered. Anyway, I've stopped by before and really enjoyed your writing, but I was too shy to leave a comment because I didn't have a blog to offer up for a reciprocal visit. Well, I do now, so I'm being less shy!

Peter H said...

Have been through a few cyclones including Cyclone Tracey in Darwin many years ago. Town was completely blown away, so can emphasise!

Life goes on and you tend to remember the funny bits over time. Your area looks mild [in damage terms]to many I have seen over the years here in Australia. But, any damage is a drama to those effected.

The monsoon frog


TxGambit said...

Thanks Gin E. I was very lucky compared to others!

Hi Margaret! I just replied on your blog. Thanks. I am sooo glad you have a blog now!!

Peter, Yes, my damage was mild compared to others in my area. I have also been through much worse. I was very, very lucky. The guy across the street had a large section of his house (siding) ripped off. Yikes. I didn't even see where the pieces of it went.