Monday, September 22, 2008

Hurricane Ike and the Single Mom

Okay this MIGHT be the last hurricane post..... I almost promise.

I have noticed that I am mildly depressed. Is it post-storm related or is it just my "normal" cycle with depression. I do not know. But I noticed I am not able to make eye contact as much as normal. I am withdrawing from people, withdrawing from my interests and just in general feeling blah.

Anyway, that is not exactly what this is about! This is about me and Hurricane Ike.

Pre-storm I was so nervous. Could I be strong enough for the children? Could I stay calm even though I was scared out of my mind at what was going to happen? I mean you just don't know what these storms will do or what they will be like. So back to my questions in my mind..... Was I prepared enough? Did I have enough supplies? Oh yes, there were more questions but I will spare you.

At any rate, I was strong enough, I was calm, I was prepared and I got us through it all. I am so proud. Now granted we were also EXTREMELY lucky!! Very little damage. Got power on rather quickly, etc.

But despite how easy it was for us, I also feel good that I was able to get us through the days I did. I calmed fears enough though I was scared too and needed the comfort. I know if this were to happen again, I could do it and I know I will be prepared. I will be more trusting of my own ability.

I do have to brag a little.... Goofball was a good support and an inspiration (via phone mostly). He still doesn't have power, so send him some "electric" vibes! I miss him terribly! It was almost 2 weeks from when I saw him last until I did get to see him again..... and I did get to see him a few days since. But right now it is ifie on when I will see him again.... Hopefully this weekend.

Anyway, that is how I learned just a little more about myself.... Everyday I find myself a little more!


Margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Oh dear...I am sorry to hear about your downward turn. But kudos to you for pulling yourself and your family through the storm! You really don't know the extent of your own strength, until that strength is tested. I think many women tend to sell themselves short in that regard...I certainly do. But we are a lot stronger than we think! (I'm also thinking of Mama Drama Stephanie here...) Y'all are some strong ladies and I truly admire you.

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

PS. Thanks for visiting my brand-new blog...glad you like it! I'll try to keep the new posts coming...

Fairy said...

I am very proud of how well you handled the situation. I would have been FREAKING OUT! There is no way I could've dealt with it.

Part of the reason you are depressed might be seeing how your friends and neighbors were affected by the hurricane and feeling like there's nothing you can do to help. At least I know that would aid in my depression.

I hope the blues lift soon.