Friday, September 05, 2008

Nothing for Saturday.... Again!

Usually I write in advance and schedule when I want them to post or magically appear! But this week with the Blog Trip, I just wasn't ready. I would write something brilliant right now but I'm sleepy! Friday night's are Goofball nights. Tonight was no different. I went out and picked him up (Yes I did. He comes out to me a lot! It is only fair! Give and take baby, give and take). We went and did a little mini-golf, some ice cream and well great sex.

Great night.

We live about 20-25 miles apart. So after the great night, I am sleepy and then had to drive home, well my brain is shut down and after great, mind-numbing sex what can I say? I have no other words. Just enjoying the moments and wishing things that can't be.

So for now, I have nothing to say for Saturday. I hope you understand! :) But I will be live and loud on Sunday!

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