Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crazy week and it is only Tuesday!

I have not seemed to sit my butt down to blog lately. I have a ton to write about but I just can't slow my brain to focus.

And then Monday was just plain weird.... I have been getting busier with work and it is exhausting but fun so no I am not complaining but just sayin'.....

So then I get home and I can't deal with dinner so Papa John's to the rescue. Get dinner eaten and cleaned up but before I can get to dishes I start to smell something.

Like a burned rubber or plastic smell. GROSS! It was horrible and was stronger in my kitchen/laundry room area but I just couldn't find it.

One of my biggest fears is a house fire.

So I checked the stove, dryer, water heater, frig.... everything I could think of. Called the folks for their opinion. They had no idea either. Crap.

About five minutes later, pow..... No power. Damn!

I knew exactly the problem. Breaker box (or circuit box or whatever you call it). Called the folks and they came to the rescue. Dad said, "Yep breaker box. Why don't y'all pack and come say with us?" Alrighty then.... Packed by flashlight and just hoped we got everything we would need.

Couldn't take the pets so of course I worried all night.

Had to be home early enough in the morning to take care of Cowboy and kitties. Also to get everyone on the bus.... K at 6:30 (yikes), I have to leave by 7, H takes L to the bus stop at 7:15 and H catches his bus at 7:40. Soooo that was interesting this morning.

Anywho, called the contractor this morning, "Hey breaker box is fried, what's the plan?"

It is fixed now.... Awesome.

Today was another busy day at work and I am wiped but I am smiling so at the end of the day that is all that matters, right?

Work will only get busier but finally coming to a screeching halt for the holidays and by holidays I mean after Thanksgiving, not before. Fun, fun!


Fairy said...

Fear of a house fire is scary! I'm glad your parents could rescue you and that things got fixed quickly. Hope your hectic week slows down.

margaret (the misanthrope) said...

Oh my gosh...I am also terrified of a house fire. I'm glad that wasn't the case, and also that you got the problem fixed. Yikes!