Sunday, October 26, 2008

Doggie, doggie

For Mrs. Really Long Name! (LOL... Love it).... I am posting new doggie pics. Overall, I still say best dog I have ever had but he really needs his yard back.

He is getting very frustrated being tied up and everyone but L has gotten caught in the rope at least once! (Even Goofball.... Sorry!) He has broken the rope several times and I bought one of these. He bent it sideways within a week and straightened the hook thingy that the lead clips to within 2 wks. Awesome. Thankfully he didn't realize it and we were able to come up with another solution but OMG! I want my fence back. Now that the roads are pretty much cleared of debris, we can walk him again but the first couple of minutes is me letting him know I am in control (NO PULLING, dude!) He is a very, very strong dog. But I used to run with huskies.... One was 80 lbs so I think I got this one who is maybe 60 lbs.

A lot of people are scared of him but I guess if you didn't know him, I could see why but he is really sweet. He is a good guard dog so far. With all the construction people around, he has had chances to let them know, "I don't know you."

We are still working with him on some "manners" and learning that L is not his litter mate, the cats are not toys and please do not bite the broom when I am sweeping.

Well anyway, without further ado.... Cowboy at 9 mths old (these were Sept)

Isn't he cute!?!?!? My big baby!


Mrs. Really Long Name said...

Holy crap - he's gotten so big! What a cutie.

Can you please have him run off my neighbor kids?


goofball said...

there are very few dogs I look at and say, that dog is scarey. He' not one of them.

m (the misanthrope) said...

Awww! Beautiful doggie!

Charlene said...

He is cute!!

Fairy said...

He is handsome and has some cool eyes.

belinda/shuttle mom said...

What a beautiful dog!
I think you should take him over to "mrs. really long name" and introduce him to the kids that play ball late in the evenings.