Thursday, October 09, 2008

Of Christmases Past…. And gift giving…

So this would be our 3rd Christmas since we started dating. First year too soon for gifts, but we did give cards. Perfect. Second year bowling bag for him, wireless router for me. Stories behind these? Yes. Practical gifts? Yes probably.

Now we are staring down the barrel of another holiday/gift giving season and what do you give someone who really needs very little, that you don’t live with but have known for going on 3 yr?? Oh and are super crazy about!

I know I’m clueless too.

He and I recently discussed this. He brought it up saying he was going to write about it and it was funny because I have been thinking about writing about this very topic.

We talked briefly about gift giving and our exes. Mine was not very good at this but not because I had high standards. I love kitchen items but honestly folks they make shredded cheese for people just like me (read: LAZY!)…. What do I want with an electric cheese grater? No not a food processor because that would make too much sense…. A gadget that you have to hold a button on each side of, push at the same time and then a blade moves up and down while you hold the cheese with your other hand. Awesome.

My list has almost always been the same basic list….. Candles, bath stuff (go to Bath and Body works and buy just about anything, I’m happy), pajamas and books (I read just about anything!)….. That’s it! I always told him the same things each year because he had “themed” gift giving. “Oh look a workout video…. Oh and another one…. Oh and workout clothes…. Wait, hmmm what are you saying? Oh I get it.” Then the Christmas everything was apple stuff for the kitchen. Yes I liked apples and thought they were cute in the kitchen, and yes I bought a few items but that was all I wanted…. If I was at the store and said, “Oh that is cute.” I didn’t mean “oh that is cute please buy me every piece possible.”

But I digress.

You will notice though that jewelry is not on my list. I am not a super big jewelry girl. Don’t get me wrong, I love jewelry and I think it is fun to get it but at the same time, it kinda makes me panic and I have a hard time breathing if I receive it. Why? Baggage. My ex went through a spell when he gave me a lot of jewelry. It was in 1998 which I identify as the turning point in my marriage. The point when I knew this was not the person I was going to grow old with. He bought me a $3,000 ring. Why? I don’t know… I called it the guilt ring. At first I wore it because I really did want my marriage to work but at some point I took it off, put it back in the box and gave it back. He didn’t take it so in a box it sat most of the time. Sometimes I would take it out and look it. Usually I would shake my head and put it back.

I’m a simply gal. A simple ring, a simple necklace, earrings, bracelet… these are the things I like but simple or even unique is the key. I don’t even know what the difference is in jewelry from this store or that. I hear all the commercials for this big chain or that one but truly have no idea the quality difference or even if there is one. And what do I need with fancy jewelry anyway? I go no where fancy and have no clothing to match it!

Sadly I typically by jewelry at Claire’s, Icing, Charming Charlie’s or even Target. Places like this.

Does this make it hard to buy me gifts? Gosh I hope not! I am really not picky and would be happy with anything that I thought the giver had put thought into, especially if it is something like a wireless router. That was probably one of the coolest gifts I have been given…. Why?? Because it was very thoughtful and given for a great reason. I use it everyday! What could be better?!

As to what I might want this year….. hell I don’t know!? I need almost nothing. Like I said I am simple and practical. I have been on my own too long, I just buy the things I want and need. Like I told the kids I want something to put my make up in but then I said but I’ll probably buy that. Then I want a new bird feeder but this time I want to actually hang it or attach it to the tree or fence some how. But I will probably end up doing that too. Or a wind chime for outside my new window or a new teddy bear…. My kids keep stealing all mine! Or a new spatula…. Yes seriously!

But this doesn’t solve my problem…. What do I give this amazing man?! :)


trappedintime said...

I think it is funny and maybe it says something to be so practical about it. I find it almost odd that both parties went so practical. Wasn't there an episode on the Flintstones about a bowling bag for Xmas?

margaret (the misanthrope) said... do you feel about gift cards (for giving and receiving)? With this tough economy, I would really prefer to get a mixture of gift cards: some practical ones (Target, pet store) and the luxury stuff that I feel is too expensive for me to buy for myself (e.g. a spa gift certificate).

I've discussed this with my husband and my family and I think that's what we're going to do this year, for the most part. If someone has a favorite store or favorite experience (spa, rock climbing, whatever) then a gift card for that might be a nice idea. Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

I agree with Margaret about the spa gift certificate. I've been asking for that for 3 years and still haven't gotten it.

As for him? Does he need tools or maybe a bowling ball to go with his bag or a bbq.

I am very practical when it comes to gifts, too. Last year, I asked my future in-laws for new pots and pans. This year, I'm going to ask for a reed diffuser because I don't like burning candles (3 year old daughter) but I want a pretty smell in the house.

lisaschaos said...

I'm pretty simple too. And believe me, after knowing my husband for 7 years it is just as hard for me. He can buy whatever he needs andpractical may be boring but well, it's practical. :) I bought him a tool box and some new tools last Christmas. This was because I bought him a huge rolling toolbox thing for our first anniversary, but you know he can never find tools when he wants them and the thing is always a mess. He uses these simple more practical ones because well, he can find them. :) Boring, I know.