Saturday, October 25, 2008


Okay so it is our busy time at work so I am coming home just flat out tired each day. Then it is my second (or really first job).... being mom!

Sooo I haven't had the energy to even think of anything to blog about nor go to many of my favorites to comment... but I am trying to get there.

I will just do a quick 5 things for you!

1. Remodel update: We finally passed the inspection! and they did the insulation today! Drywall on Monday and the contractor is going to drop off samples for me to pick tiles and my counter tops. I also need to pick the paint color! We are close!

2. H had a cyst removed today. Yikes! that was gross. He is doing okay.

3. K is going to the Homecoming Dance tonight. When did she get so grown?

4. L has a cut on his finger that got infected. Gross. I didn't even know he had a cut on his finger. I normally clean them, put anti-bacterial stuff on and bandage. Nope, he shows me once it is all gross and infected.

5. It is like what 6 wks since Ike came through and we still don't have a fence. Many, many, many people do not. Again, still lucky because some people don't have a home anymore or their house is just a wreck.... but given the limited amount of damage we had, I thought the fence would be back up by now. I threatened the dog today "If you get out one more time, I am not coming after you." Okay, don't tell him but I we were lucky because there were other dogs out in their own yard so he got really distracted with smelling butts. I then took him the long way home. He is now sleeping in his kennel.


Mrs. Really Long Name said...

I've sucked at commenting lately - I sorry....

Hey, our fence is propped up by boards and a ladder - I feel your pain.

SPeaking of the dog - pictures? please???

We may be eentering the world of remodeling too...dunno. Waiting on some esitmates for the kitchen and possible master bath. if we do the kitchen we want it done before Kidlet gets here. But who knows.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, have a LOT going on! I can't believe you (and Mrs. Really Long Name, and others) are still waiting for fences, etc. to be fixed. Gee whiz...I'm sending hugs and good thoughts to everyone.

Charlene said...

You really are busy, busy, busy! Hope the remodel flies by soon, sounds like you are sooo close. You'll have to post some pics when its all done.

Charlene said...

P.S. Go join facebook and then tell me when you're there, some of our old gang is on there (Steph, Kara, Carrie....)