Saturday, October 07, 2006

Let Freedom Ring

I love, love, love the freedom I have in my life now!

Today I had planned to do the usual: cleaning, schoolwork, etc. However, when I woke up, I just had this bug to get out and do, see and be! So got the kids up, called my mom because I knew she was solo this weekend and we headed to Galveston! Its home to me because that is where both my parents are from and my paternal grandmother, not to mention I was born there.

We get there and did the Railroad Museum, which was great. I love going there because my paternal grandparents were the first ones to take me there and they told me stories of when my grandfather came to visit her. It was sweet. Well today was the first time my mom had been to the museum. She had traveled from there when it was an active rail station. She loved it! I'm so glad I called her to go with us.

We then headed down the Strand. This is an area that is both historic and has shopping! We ate lunch on the patio of Fuddrucker's (burger place). Ducked in a few shops and then headed to the beach.... the route we went took us right past my mom's family home.... The new owners have painted it some funky colors but it still looks like "home".

The beach was great. It was amazing, awesome, spectacular weather!!!!! It could not have been a better day.

But really the best part is that I got up, didn't have to ask anyone else what they wanted to do (well the kids but they really didn't have a choice). I get to make the decisions. I don't have to discuss my plans with anyone though I don't mind sharing.

I know in the future this will be something I will look for in another person. Someone that is willing to be spontaneous enough to just get up and go, within the restrains of our situation (my and/or his kids if they still live at home)….. but not just that, but someone who WANTS to go out and do things, not just talk about doing things. Or someone that doesn’t just want to discuss it to death or can’t miss any sports at all to go. I mean I am an understanding person. The Big Game is the big game and you might not want to miss that, but EVERY game?!?

Sorry this is starting to turn in to a vent, rather the screaming from the rooftops excitement blog it was suppose to be!

I feel soooo good about life right now. Even with my overwhelming responsibility feelings and the nagging depression I have some times. Overall, I love my life. I’m happy and free.

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