Monday, March 24, 2008

Blog, blog, blog

I have been thinking about my blog a lot lately. I have now added Site Meter to it so all your lurkers, I see you!

Basically I want to start getting more traffic here. I want to let it evolve it more, especially my writing. I think I do okay but I am not quite as witty as some but I think I am better than others. Ya know, some where in the middle. I also think I kinda blend in a bit like I do in real life but when I have something to say, I make sure I am heard.

I know if I could make the rounds a lot more (meaning hitting tons of blogs and commenting), I would get more traffic. If I would except some of the invites I get to join this community or that blogroll, I could get more traffic. But, I am picky and somethings just don't seem like my style or someone is trying to get their own site going and need some folks to help get it going.

So I guess I know things I should be doing but how to do it when I have so much else going on in my life? I just don't know yet. Why do some people make it look so easy to "have it all?" I have never been super put together in that sense.

Oh well.... Gotta figure this out. But for now, I am just going to try and write something everyday. At least...... something....


Sizzle said...

We all start somewhere. Baby steps. It helps to comment on blogs because that's how you can let people know you are here writing. But not everyone cares about readership or comments. It really depends on you and what you want/need.

Karen said...

I think it's a question of going back to the original reason you started a blog. Was it to record your own thoughts and document for the future of your family or for marketing purposes? I think once you know the root of your blog existence, you'll know the route you want to take with regard to encouraging more traffic. Commenting on other blogs is useful, but it also takes time - a commodity a lot of us don't have. Sometimes I barely fit in enough time to my own blog and find myself whizzing through others that I'd really like to spend more time reading!! LOL

btw, I read yours every day and I'm miffed when you don't post!!! I'll make an effort to comment more, if you post more - deal huh?! :0)

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

do you see me? I feel all naked since you installed site-meter. Like if I read and don't comment you'll totally know and make fun of me.

Be honest, truthful and say something new and people will come. You have powerful words and a very unique perspective on life.

Use them.