Friday, March 28, 2008

Technologically Challenged

I need a bumper sticker or a T-shirt or both with this on it. It is a warning to all!

I have worked in the Information Technology department or with these folks in most of the jobs I have had. In fact, my grandparents used to own a TV shop back in the day and my dad always had some new technology around. We had a home computer before all of my friends, yes ALL of them. We had first addition gaming systems. Etc, etc, etc....

Yet I know crap about them. Okay that isn't completely true. I know just enough to be very dangerous.

I actually worked for several years as support in a help desk while in the Navy. I was the one that ordered all the computer equipment: monitors, CPUs, mice, routers, hard drives, etc. While the folks that needed it told me their needs, I still had to know what the hell I was talking about when I talked with vendors because we had to stay right at the edge of ahead in technology. So I had to know what was going on to get what they needed and the best price and not get ripped off!

However, my home computer is crashed. I think I know what to do.... but I'm scared. I guess I can't make it worse but hmmm, yeah now that I think about it, I can. I'm a bit worried that my laptop will crash and then what? I'll be sunk.

And, speaking of my laptop, it isn't quite set up the way I would like. I am getting it there but not quite.

I'm not sure what has happened to me. Did this stuff fall out of my head or I have been so far removed from it that I just haven't bothered to learn?

I don't know.... but I need help or..... something.... I would really like to get that computer back up and running.


shuttle mom/belinda said...

That sounds so much like me. I can instruct others, but can't seem to do it for myself. Now I have teens that do it for me. Want to borrow one?

trappedintime said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Your prob with your puter is the real deal. R&R parts is easy, but actually digging into the "programming" (for lack of a better term) is not for even the experienced "user".
IMO, Vista is so dummy proof these days, it'll be hard to mess it up. On your old system it was easy to lock yourself out of the server, on vista it stores all that away from you. It won't allow you to mess up. Not always a good thing, but it does have it's place

Charlene said...

I am a complete dummy when it comes to computers and techno stuff like that.

Which is why when my laptop crashed, I was stupid and didn't realize that I could actually get on the kids computer and look up the same stuff. LOL! I thought I was screwed royally, now I just don't have a laptop (at least until dh can fix it - forunately he is not a dummy).

Yeah, I said I was a dummy, LOL! And now everyone who reads your blog will know it too. LOL!!