Saturday, March 29, 2008

Something for Saturday

I am trying to make an effort to write something everyday. I think so far it is going well. I think I have missed one day this week.... maybe two. But not bad, right?

So my something for today, I am taking the puppy to a park today for Paws in the Park. He is going to love it. I am a little nervous, paranoid, worried because he is still pretty young but he has had most of his vax so far. I think it is just like when you have a newborn baby and that first big outing is a big deal.

Speaking of Cowboy, today it has been one month since I got him!!!!! I can't believe it. On one hand, it seems like he has been here forever and the other, a blink of an eye.

Then I am trying to decide what I think about this.... None of my kids are really thrilled to talk to their dad right now. He called twice yesterday and they wouldn't answer the phone. They looked at the caller ID and said, "Oh it's just dad." Then after the second call, he called my cell phone. We were watching a movie and normally H will snatch the phone and run off to talk to him. He was the first to say "No"..... then he was suppose to call his dad this morning, but I just asked if he talked to him and he said naaayyy with a shrug. The other two are always lukewarm about talking to him, an out of sight type of thing for the little one and well then there is my Drama Queen Teen.

I am staying out of it as far as anything goes. I am just putting out my confusion to the internet. Not really looking for anything from that, just talking it out. Weird.

Last night was my first really bad sleep night in a while. The puppy didn't sleep with me for only the second time since we got him. Is that it?? At any rate, I tossed and turned, and checked the clock about every hour. I did dream though so not sure what that's about. But they were those really weird dreams.

Well that is my something for Saturday. Enjoy.


Margaret said...

most probably is the pup not sleeping with you. I always sleep differently without the animals.


shuttle mom said...

Sleeping alone is not easy. My doggie has slept with me for over 13 yrs(Hubby is a night owl).

trappedintime said...

Dogs, dads, and doo doo: There's a cosmic reason they all start with a "D".