Monday, March 17, 2008

"Do something for yourself this week"

So with the kids gone, everyone keeps telling me to do something for myself this week, to get out and enjoy myself. And yes, I do agree with that thinking but I don't think everyone has the same idea of what would be fun for me.

Several people have told me to go out a lot. But I am more of the at home type. I am an introvert. I get energized by being alone. Being around a lot of people makes me tired and anxious. Though I don't mind some.

I do plan to enjoy myself but I don't plan to go out much, if at all. Though I did enjoy a really nice evening with Goofball last night. Even after all this time, I get really excited to see him each time. It was truly a nice evening.

Anyway, the kids seem to be doing okay, though K has text messaged several times each day and called me a few times too. Today the first text said, "Help me." It was nothing..... she said she just missed me. *sigh* It will be nice to get those babies home with me.


shuttle mom/belinda said...

I love spending time alone. I get hammered over it too. People don't understand that I'm NOT depressed, I just enjoy beng left alone. After they get to know me, they understand. Life doesn't always have to be so darn busy!

trappedintime said...

Sometimes I think people remember the younger me, a little more partay partaaaaay. So they say the same thing, truth be told, alone down time is needed when you have kids and stuff.