Sunday, March 30, 2008

Privacy, oh how I crave it!

I think I have talked about my house here before but I am not going to go back and look through the 360+ posts to find out.

But it is small! It is just about 1,000 sq ft.... it is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath and no garage house. However, it has the biggest yard! I love that part. You could almost build this same exact house right on the lot.... it is that big.

It is also owned by my parents and I rent it from them. Yes I do pay them.

With that said, we are currently having plans drawn up on a remodel. To most it would like we aren't doing a lot to the house. It is true. We aren't really adding much square feet or more bedrooms or more kitchen space..... all the things I need. But, what we are doing is adding a bathroom.... in fact it is going to be MY OWN BATHROOM!!! A more private master suite is what we are going for.

The current house has a bathroom between two bedrooms. My room has a door to the bathroom and the other door opens to the hallway.

I hate it! I can't really lock my bedroom unless I lock the bathroom door to the hall. This means that if a kid needs the bathroom, they are locked out. I also hate at night when the kids get up and turn the light on in the bathroom. Even with the door stuff from my room to the bathroom, it creeps under the door and wakes me.

The new plan is to close that door with a wall and put the new bathroom and a walk-in closest in my current bedroom and then push the exterior wall out to create my new bedroom. One door into it. A bathroom and closest buffer between the kids and me! My bedroom will be outside of the 'main' house... I get a lot of say in the design but my parents have the final say as it is their money. :)

I am just tried of sharing with little kiddos. In fact just now I went to the bathroom and before I could lock the doors, in walks L.... He is 5 and keeps forgetting the knocking thing. "Hmmm hello." He was like, "I have to go potty." So I left but not before reminding him to knock.

I am ready. I am soooo ready. I just have to wait until the plans are drawn and then find out how much to see if it is doable. I am trying not to be toooo excited yet because there is still a chance it won't happen.... but I am very hopefully! I think if the price is right, it will because my parents are all about making this house/living situation work well for us.

Until then, I will have to continue with the one bathroom and lack of privacy.... It has worked for 3 yrs now but still.


trappedintime said...

I'm rootin' for ya.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

I grew up in a one bathroom, two bedroom house with 4 people.


I so feel your pain.

shuttle mom said...

We never had more than one bathroom growing up (8 people) and I don't know how we managed.
When we built our home hubby put in 3 full bathrooms. We are constantly running the kids out of ours.
Congratulations and be sure to put a 'pick proof' lock on!

Stephanie mama drama said...

Sugar, you SO deserve your won bathroom!!

Charlene said...

Wow sounds nice for you! Your own bathroom! I sort of know what that's like.

Right now, we have two bathrooms, we have plans to finish the bathroom in our master suite, but it's not done yet. And even though we have another bathroom downstairs everyone usually just uses the one upstairs.

The other day Rich was cutting his hair (yes, he's a dufus), when one of the kids opened the door. The door slammed into Rich's arm and there went the razor thing across his head, LMAO!!!

I mean really, I laughed my ever loving ass off!! And so he had to go to the barber shop to get his hair fixed.

Hmmm, maybe that was the incentive he needed to get the new bathroom done, LOL!! (I should blog that one).

Good luck, I'm hoping the peeps see to it that you get your own bathroom. If nothing else, just play up the house value factor. When or if you ever move out, they will be able to rent it much more easily.

Okay, I've spent too much time on this one, LOL!